New Project - Almost Time EP


After waiting what seems almost like eternity (A whole bloody year!), New Project has finally released their first official release on U.K. label Spiky Black Cat.
In the space of a year, the band have played a whole host of shows, added two new members and released one hell of an E.P. The band has decided to lift three tracks from their demo C.D. (Version 1.0) with a host of remixes as well.
Opening up the set is the very originally titled 'Tweaking The Cute Gene'. Vocalist Drew isn't afraid to scream with the best of them, as well as projecting clean melodic vocals.
From the outset, it's clear that New Project can fuse together hard-hitting industrial guitar riffs with keyboard sampling, yet retain certain catchiness. The song isn't sacrificed for the sake of heaviness, yet at the same time, there's more than enough crunch here for any metal head.
'Prime Time' lifts some lines from The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy (Influential socially/politically conscious rap group of the early '90's) to great effect. Again, there's plenty of crunch in the guitar department. 'In Formation' rounds out the standard version of the songs on this E.P. in style. Again there are some awesome vocal performances from Drew here.
The remaining five tracks comprise of three remixes for 'Tweaking The Cute Gene' and one each for 'Prime Time' and 'In Formation'. The remixes are not your standard run of the mill mixes either, with each one having a slightly different slant to the original. Credit must also be given to producers Andy Reilly and James Barclay-Gall (Whose production credits include Cradle Of Filth, Die Krupps, Cubanate and Gary Numan) for retaining the heavy sound without burying the instruments in wall of sound (Common problem in the industrial music scene).
Australia is not well known for producing many industrial acts, but with Jerk, Tourettes, and now New Project, the future is looking very dark and heavy indeed.
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Justin Donnelly

I found their website, downloaded their video clip and pressed play. In ten minutes most of my friends and acquaintances had the band URL in their mailbox with my explicit screams stating that they really need this. Since that I've got this first sentence in my head which finally didn't make it to The first sentence of the review, which goes like

The difference between New Project and Fear Factory is that New Project rules.

We're talking about a six-piece industrial-metal band formed in '98 in Australia (Cammeray, Sydney), the Hungarian readers probably will react to the names of Fear Factory, Rammstein or Die Krupps - the overall sound is similar to these bands. Reckless riffs, samples, drum loops and Drew's vocals layered unto each other refresh the blood of this genre which - in my opinion - is slowly sinking into self-repetition. Drew uses his skills matchingly, knowing where to sing and where to screech - that is something that's rare nowadays. All in all, correct, precise, energetic and everything is in place in every track.
On the mini-album we get three tracks (Tweaking the Cute Gene, Prime Time and In Formation which can be familiar for those having checked out the website) and 5 remixes, appropriate versions for zone runs, backgrounds or parties are included.
I received enclosed the hi-qual VHS version of the videoclip [of Tweaking the Cute Gene], which was a pleasant surprise especially if we know that the clip bears the handiwork of a certain Paul Katte whose special effects work we could get to know in The Matrix and The Island of Doctor Moreau, another boost to the respect I feel for New Project. The only reason why they get 9 points to this release out of 10 because there are no ten-points-discs at all.

I. Want. New Project. Playing. Live. In. Hungary.

Reviewed by damage.