Sucker[p]unch - Global Village Idiot

3-track promo
(Spiky Cat)

This is an odd (and believe me, 'odd' is putting it mildly) Brit outfit, represented here
by three cuts from the upcoming full-length, Global Village Idiot. It ain't metal, it ain't
Britpop, it ain't trip-hop - it ain't a lot of things and listing them is easier than trying to
figure out exactly what it is.

"New Bones For the Empress" rocks along with a major groove and freaked-out guitar
lines, reminding me a bit of Rage Against the Machine with psychosis in place of the
anger. The Faith No More influence becomes a bit more obvious near the end and even
more so on "I Loathe You," though of course I'm referring to the messed-up latter day
FNM stuff. And just to prove I haven't run out of comparisons quite yet, "My Fullest Stop"
has a very jazzy, wobbly feel to it not unlike Primus.

Can't say that Sucker[p]unch are exactly my cup of tea (maybe ten years ago), but they
definitely have the chops and willingness to experiment that should take them places.
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[Daniel Hinds]

Capturing SUCKER[p]UNCH on record is a bit like splitting an atom in a portaloo
- a very big explosion in a very small space.
Formed way back in 1997, the band manage
to mix together Faith No More, the better aspects of stoner, Sabbath, Helmet and
Rollins Band. They somehow then squeeze in pretty much everything from classical to
jazz and form a sound so different from everyone else that everyone else has to go and
hide in a corner.

From the outset, when New Bones for the Empress kicks in, you notice that there's
something that sets this band apart from other bands who peddle weird metal; you
actually want to listen to them. Not only do you want to listen to them but you want
to put it on repeat and listen to it again.

You really do need to listen to this band. 4/5